Martin Mackay

New Book For Entrepreneurs

30 Day Author
"How to get clients on autopilot with a book funnel"

...Even if you don't want to write a single word
New Book For Entrepreneurs

30 Day Author

How To Sell Your Knowledge Online By Writing A Short Book"

...Even if you hate Writing.

Use This Breakthrough Method To:

✅ Pre-sell 100+ copies before writing a single word

✅ Sell first, ask questions later

✅ Become the best-selling author you deserve to be.

This book will show you how...

Book + Mini Course 
Normal Price $47

Only $4.99

No more webinars

❌ No more dm'ing potential clients

❌ No more "free" FB groups 

✅ Just a simple 5 step system:

1.  Pre-sell a book

2. Speak the book into your phone 

3. Transcribe the audio with an app

4. Edit it 

5. Upload it on Amazon and deliver it 

Congratulation. You're now an author!

Use the book to funnel readers to your High Ticket Services  

"Money Loves Speed"

Dr. Joe Vitale

A year ago I was stuck in the webinar hustle loop like everyone else.

After finally becoming successful in my e-commerce business I wanted to teach others how to do the same.

I hired one of the biggest coaches in the online-course industry who charges $10K for coaching. 

I have always believed in getting help from experts. 

But I wasn't happy with the methods that I was taught: 

Create a facebook group...
Do "Free" webinars..
Do organic marketing...
Reach out to potential customer and "chat" with them... 

This put me straight into the hustle loop and kept me there... 

I got into online marketing in the first place because I wanted to make more and work less. 

After a year of hustling and learning how to create the perfect webinar I had little to show for it. 

My online course coach told me to: "Just make a better webinar". 

Thats when I decided to stop doing the things that the "experts" told me to and go back to my own experience from e-commerce.  

I stopped doing webinars... 

Instead I used my experience from e-commerce to sell something up front. Put I didn't have a product yet so I just sold a mock-up of my first book: "Millionaire Intuition". 

I was shocked when I finished "writing" it in 2 days. It took me a few weeks to get it transcribed, edited and formatted but the basics were over pretty quickly. 

I pre-sold over a 100 copies and 4 higher ticket upsells within a few weeks. 

This method is extremely simple. And takes as much time as it does to create a mediocre webinar. And the best part? 

At no point is it required to "go live" or make a fool out of myself on camera. Never. 

The written word speaks for me. 

Now my first book is out there getting clients on autopilot. 

And that is the system that I want to share with you in my second book "30 Day Author" 
Martin Mackay

Entrepreneur, Traveller, Musician & Author

Hi there!
My biggest core value is FREEDOM!

That's why I avoid the social media hustle and use a book funnel to sell my knowledge instead. 

Here is how: 

Here are a few things you'll read about in the 108 pages of 
"30 Day Author":

✅ How to turn readers into buyers with emotion instead of logic

(Get the story arc blueprint on page 82)

✅ How to make a book better by using time constraints

(Get the secret to writing a book while doing house maintenance on page 2)

✅ How to turn challenges into assets by writing about them.

(Understand the role of the reluctant hero on page 3)

✅ How to know if you’re a born writer or just unlucky  

(Understand the role of the reluctant hero on page 4)
✅ How I transformed from backpacker to business owner by tapping into my “why”.

(Understand motivation associated with a “why” on page 7)

✅ How I got paid by getting slapped in the face by a wild monkey

(Learn how to create a captivating “monkey-story” on page page 52)

✅ How to pre-sell a 100 copies of a book before writing a single word.

(The power of pre-selling explained on page 20)

✅ How to know if a book is a “winning product” in 3 days or less

(Explained on page 19)

✅ How to launch a book funnel without any prep-work.

(Use my blueprint on page 9)

✅ How to convert readers to buyers by using the same story frame as top Hollywood screenwriters

(Understand the elements of a great story on page 55)

✅ How to self-publish so your customers can hold a physical book in their hands

(Follow the self-publish guide on page 104)

✅ How to create a mock-up book cover that sells like hot-cakes.

(Understand the science behind a simple working title on page 98)

✅ How to overcome imposter syndrome while becoming an author.

(Do the "imposter-begone" exercise on page 77)

✅ Find out how I plan the outline of a book in 5 mins instead of 5 days.

(Get the one day outline system on page 27)

✅ How to ask get your readers to tell you exactly what to write about.
(Broken down on page 75)


💡Bonus #1 What-To-Write Template to send to pre-sale buyers

💡Bonus #2 Closed Author's Club Community

💡Bonus #3 My Printable 30 Day Author Checklist  

All this and much more...

Book + Bonuses 
Normal Price $47

Only $4.99

What Others Are Saying:

Petra P.

"Wow, it all makes sense now. In an hour it all changed for me. I know my path, my purpose and how to bring that vision to women everywhere"

Diane J.

"Martin’s genius is being able to see my potential and helping me take a huge concept and boil it down to an offer that is actually clear and resonates with my audience. Incredibly supportive and positive every step of the way."

Ishana M.

"Now I am totally clear on what I want to do and HOW to do it. I have the tools and the vision. If you are thinking about working with Martin JUST DO IT!"
DISCLAIMER: I have to tell you... results like this are not typical. I've been learning online marketing for the last 4 years and I worked my butt off to get this good. My clients get good results because we work together. Most people don't put into action what they learn and so they don't get any result at all. All business requires persistence, hard work and risk. Wether it is marketing or writing it takes hard work to get results. 

Bonus #1

"30 Day Authors" Closed Group

To Share Ideas, challenges and get support

Bonus #2

Martin's Productivity Checklist

Use this printable checklist to motivate yourself to get your book finished FAST.

Print it out, hang it on the wall and start crossing tasks off on your way to becoming an author.

Bonus #3

"What-to-write Template" 

Send this to your pre-sale buyers to know exactly what they want you to write about in your book.

(it is almost like cheating)

Bonus #4

Professionally Recorded Audio Book

Listen to my seductive Scottish accent while drive, doing the dishes or falling asleep. 

Learn the secrets contained in "30 Day Author" without having to open the book at all.

30 Day author
 The Simplest, Fastest System Anyone Can Use To Write A Client-Getting Book Funnel, FAST.
  • ​How to pre-sell a book with just an idea.
  • ​How to record and transcribe your book in 2 days. 
  • How to get your clients to tell you exactly what they want to read.

Only $4.99

That’s what makes me different. 
I’ve actually done it!

I know what works, and I know what doesn’t.

I’ve taken everything I learned from writing my first book and packaged it into a system anyone can use. 

I’ve eliminated all the fluff, streamlining the entire process into a simple roadmap you can follow.

In other words, you get ALL the benefits of my years or experience in the LEAST amount of time possible. 

And trust me, it’s not as painful as it sounds.

How do I know this can help you?

I used to be a tour guide. Thats right. I used to work for tips and have nothing going for me. 

But instead of telling stories on a tour bus I know tell stories in books. 

Instead of an audience of 30 pensioners, I now sell my knowledge to an audience of thousands.

It’s Not Your Fault! 
Selling knowledge online is HARD!

Learning how to create a great webinar is hard work. 

Learning how to be good at selling is hard work.

Learning how to write a book? 

I'm not saying it's easy... 

But giving value in a book and setting up a funnel to sell it, isn't as hard...

The old method requires you to change from being a regular person into a shameless online salesman.

Luring people into your webinar and then pitching them.

Does that work? Sure. 

But do you want to become that person? 

I don't ..

I tried it.. but it wasn't me. 

30 Day author
 The Simplest, Fastest System Anyone Can Use To Write A Client-Getting Book Funnel, FAST.
  • ​How to pre-sell a book with just an idea.
  • ​How to record and transcribe your book in 2 days. 
  • How to get your clients to tell you exactly what they want to read.

Only $4.99

About The Author:

Martin is a Danish Scot who started travelling in 2004 and never stopped. 

Although he has no college education he has created multiple businesses whilst travelling and loves teaching his method to others. 

When he is not teaching he spends his time off-roading, taking a lovely ice-bath and playing rock'n'roll songs on his acoustic guitar.

Above all Martin believes that play should come first and if your business isn't adding more play and freedom to your life, then you're in the wrong business. 

His favourite saying? 

"Build a life you don't need a holiday from..." 

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